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Caseling Design Process

1 Idea 2 Concept 3 3D Design 4 Presentation 5 Prototype 6 Manufacture 7 Delivery
1 Idea 2 Concept 3 3D Design 4 Presentation 5 Prototype 6 Manufacture 7 Delivery

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We develop custom molded and ground-up protective cases for America’s leading OEMs. Performance-crafted for consumer electronics, specialized gadgets, sensitive professional tools and more, each case is designed to go into the thick of it – the operating room, the rainforest, the thunderstorm, even the battlefield.
There’s a reason why we are the #1 custom case manufacturer! Because at Caseling, we do the job right.

100% Per Spec

Custom manufacturing = cases that fit like a glove, protect in all use environments, and extend product functionality.

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Align your manufacturing schedule or get a jump on peak season with our JIT stock program.

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2,350,000 Cases

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Designed, tested
and celebrated in the USA

Caseling is a proudly American company that exercises obsessive control over our global manufacturing process. The result is a final product that wins awards for safety, durability, innovation and user satisfaction.

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Custom Made Cases Add Value and Increase Revenue!

When our clients manufacture specialist equipment, they know that
making sure those items are protected with well made custom cases
offers a number of benefits

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Our specialists guide you through the custom design process for a final product that lives up to yours. Samples available.

*Please Note: our minimum order quantity is 500 Units