Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to General Questions

What Is The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

Our minimum order quantity is 2000 units.

I’m ready to move forward. How can we get started?

It’s easy to get started. Just click here to book a short initial consultation call to discuss your project. Then, we’ll design a mockup and present it for your review and approval. Once approved, we will spearhead the manufacturing of the cases and ship them directly to your address.

How long will it take to produce my custom cases?

Once your case design is approved it takes about 10 business days to get a physical sample. The physical sample is what we’ll present to you for your final approval. With final approval in hand, production of your order averages about 20 business days to be ready to ship. Shipping time will vary depending on how your order ships and where it is ultimately being delivered.

How much will my custom cases cost?

Your order cost will depend on material, complexity, and quantity. You will have the opportunity to evaluate a physical sample of your case. This is the best way to evaluate the design, material, and construction before you sign a contract for your order.  Affordable pricing is important to us at Caseling so we will look for every opportunity to help you keep costs down.

I am not artistic. Can I send you my product so you can custom something suitable?

Yes following our initial consultation call, you are invited to send us your product so that we can take measurements and draw up sample mockups for you to choose from.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we are proud to ship to customers all over the world. International shipping fees will vary.

Answers For Marketing Managers

What kind of branding options are available for custom cases?

Depending on the material you’ve chosen for your case, there are many options for applying your brand identity including:

Our design team will offer their expert recommendation. You are also welcome to bring your own vision and let us help you source solutions to bring it to life.

What branding/customization options are there for the packaging?

In this day and age, your brand must be represented perfectly from unboxing throughout the customer’s lifecycle with the product. Our team can design and manufacture branded outer packaging to enhances and activates customer affinity for your brand from the moment they open their delivery.

Answers For Design Leads

How much input will I have on the design of my custom case?

The Caseling team views our role as a supportive extension of your team, charged with helping you bring your vision to life, not talking you into cutting corners or taking shortcuts. You will have the ultimate review and approval of every step of the process.

How can I be sure that your cases are both technically sound and visually appealing? I need to be able to demonstrate that we have both.

The Caseling design and manufacturing process is such that the custom case we concept for you will meet both the technical specifications from your engineers plus the brand representation requirements from your marketing team. That is the very reason your Caseling team is made up of design and manufacturing experts.

Answers For Sourcing Managers

How can you help me show cost savings to company leadership if we choose to work with Caseling?

Caseling’s start-to-finish expert solutions model means fewer vendor relationships for you to manage. When you work with Caseling, you get access to design and materials experts in the concept phase, physical samples to evaluate before you sign a contract in the design phase, and manufacturing and shipping oversight in the production phase, all from a single vendor.