Custom EVA Cases

You Need Thermoform EVA Cases!

What is EVA?

Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) is a unique material made from ethylene and vinyl acetate. This elastic material goes through a thermoforming process, which transforms it into a hard shell case that feels soft and comfortable without cracking or wearing out over time, such as plastic.

Why Caseling EVA Product?

EVA cases are more convenient alternatives to plastic cases. These cases create a perfect bed for sensitive equipment, delicate valuables, and medical supplies. The durability and security keep the product in place, whether it is transported from office to work or shipped long distances.

What's in it for Me?

With a Caseling EVA product, you can bring your ideas and promote your brand through customizing EVA molds to your specific desires. You are assured that your products are made of high quality—semi grid, ultra-soft cushion, and high durability.

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All-In-One Solution

1. Equipment Protection

Custom solution for outer protection

2. Comfortable Cases

We are designing each case to go into the thick of it

3. Portray Your Brand

Cutting edge design that stylishly portray your brand

Our Eva Features

100% Custom
Fully Brandable
Custom Color / Shape /
Size / Material
Foam / Partitioned
Stylish Designs
& Custom Logo
Inside / Outside
Low tooling

Endless Custom Options

Because we know how important your business is, we design versatile cases tailored to home and business needs

Design Yours Free!

Our specialists guide you through the custom design process for a final product that lives up to yours.