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Padded Bags and Cases for Consumer Electronics

Many companies often wonder where to find the perfect padded case for electronics. At Caseling, we specialize in manufacturing the best electronics bags and cases according to the specifications laid down by electronic products manufacturing companies. These can be a molded style case for portable electronics such as portable scanners and speakers, or plastic cases with foam fabrication for smaller electronic equipment. We also make neoprene sleeves that are highly popular to carry smaller devices such as tablets, iPads, and laptops.

Attractive Exteriors and Designs

With new challenges in designing padded bags for electronics that we face every day, we are readily equipped to meet any company’s requirements and produce the perfect product.

At Caseling, not only do we ensure our product’s durability, but we also add value to it by enhancing the exteriors to meet the satisfaction of the seller and the end-user. The cases and bags are branded and finished according to the seller’s specifications and do not include any Caseling branding.

Endless Custom Possibilities

Custom Color / Shape / Size / Material

Locking / Double Zipper

Inside / Outside Pockets

Foam / Partitioned Interiors

Custom Logo & Much More

Structural requirements

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