Lightweight and Long-Lasting

Blow molded carrying cases are lightweight and durable. From simple day-to-day tools to heavy sound equipment, blow molded cases can be used in a variety of ways. They are manufactured through the melting, expansion, and hardening of high-density polyethylene, using hot air within a custom frame.

The Problems with “Most” Blow Molded Cases are…

  • They are often made from cheap, generic materials that crack or break with time.
  • They are often made with “one size fits all” frames.
  • They are simply not sleek and stylish.

Before customizing mold cases, we first consider…

The product’s specific use

Vulnerability of the content

The weight capacity

What it will be exposed to

Structural requirements

Environmental factors

We stand second to none when it comes to producing great value

This is why Caseling Custom Cases pays extra attention to custom molded plastic to promote your brand. Our molded cases are made with hard double wall construction to ensure it doesn’t break or corrode, but stays rigid for many years. By restructuring Polyethylene Plastic, we ensure cost efficient, environmentally friendly, high quality materials for manufacturing your products. We make use of high-end technology like laser scanning, 3D printing, computer and motion stimulation to portray life like assessment for your ideas and design. Our engineers can create any specialized design, shape, color or size you want, with any added features or accessories. There is no limit to your imagination!

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