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About Plastic Cases

Hard plastic cases are frequently the best solution from, whether it’s a carrying case for your camera, shipping cases for large military uses, or presentation cases at events.

Features of Hard Plastic Cases


Among case materials, plastic is king when it comes to keeping water out.

Crushproof & Shockproof

It is one of the main reasons why designers choose plastic material to design outer cases for customers like the U.S. military.

Airtight & Pressure-Regulated

Helpful for delicate items requiring air transport, where extreme pressure changes are a guarantee.

Other Features

Durable, Attractive, Reusable, Versatile, Recyclable, Affordable etc.

The Caseling Quality Promise

Customization of your EVA case is made easy here

The strict quality measures, design review, approval, ordering, and inspection, processes from the concept phase through final delivery make up our quality promise to you.

The Caseling quality promise means that once you put your name on something, you’ll be proud to stand behind it and we’ll be proud to stand behind you.

Problems And Their Solutions

The Problems with “Most” Blow Molded Cases

  • Made from cheap, generic materials that crack or break with time.
  • Non – Environment Friendly.
  • They are not sleek & stylish.

The Solution Provide by CASELING

  • Made with hard double wall construction to ensure it doesn’t break or corrode & stays rigid for many years.
  • By restructuring Polyethylene Plastic, we ensure to manufacture environmentally friendly cases.
  • Specialized design, shape, color, size, with many features & accessories options.

What makes us different from others?

Before customizing mold cases, we first consider…

The product’s specific use

Vulnerability of the content

The weight capacity

What it will be exposed to

Structural requirements

Environmental factors

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Elevate your brand’s perception and increase sales with branded custom hard cases.

Our Custom Plastic Cases

Blow Molded

Best for OEM applications, with a ton of interior, exterior and brand customization options like foam, trays, routed pockets, plastic doors, sizes, colors, logo plates, molded logos & metal latches.

Injection Molded

They’re lightweight, waterproof, airtight, dustproof and impact resistant. Best for laptops, cameras, audio/video equipment, electronics, business travel, shipping, military, law enforcement, medical and emergency and much more.


Provides virtually indestructible containers to the military, consumer market, public safety officials (like police and fire departments), and the industrial sector.

Thermo / Vacuum Forming

A cost-effective plastic molding process that offers a quick turn-around with low tooling costs.

Caseling in Action

Caseling is a proud American company that combines our obsessive commitment to quality with overseas efficiency and cost savings for our customers. Peek into our operation to see how we work and what’s made Caseling a leading name amongst global custom case and packaging manufacturers.

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