About Us

We understand your business is you! That’s why we are committed in providing you with the right look so you have one less thing to stress about. We take an extra effort to making sure our products stand second to none and that you get the best client experience while working with us. Our pride is to see our clients succeed. Our culture represents: Security, Resilience and Style.

Why Us

We're not done until you are satisfied…

Caseling designs in the USA and manufactures overseas to ensure our customers receive their orders promptly and efficiently. Our main distribution center is in Montgomery, New York, USA. We are a continuously growing American business that serves customers across the globe.

At Caseling Custom Cases, we remain competitive in the industry for over a decade as we strive to be customer-driven and continuously look for ways to make our products better. We pride ourselves on the use of updated, cutting-edge technology, quality materials, and creativity.

When we look at the demand of high-quality cases, companies and industries look for durability, sustainability, and affordability. As the demand continues to increase in fields such as medical, sports, business, and other areas, we continue to grow and meet standards.

Our specialization: We offer durable packaging solutions in a range of EVA, soft sewn, and blow-molded cases alongside with supply and distribution resolutions. Caseling and Caseling Custom Cases is the #1 supplier of cases for many major brands.

Caseling Custom Cases produces protective gear for equipment, and delicate products used on a daily basis, to be transported from one place to another, or for storage purposes. Our vision is to create cases involving creative architecture and design that promote brands without sacrificing quality.

You are encouraged to contact us with all of your questions, ideas, and concerns, and we will be sure to satisfy all of your desires. We take your vision and go through the process of design, production, and turn it into the final concept. Each product is unique and memorable for years. Contact Us