The Caseling Mission

Caseling Custom Cases is a design and manufacturing partner for global companies seeking a branded custom case solution for their products.

As a Caseling customer, you put your brand identity and reputation on cases for storage, protection, or transport developed with Caseling’s blend of:

  • Innovative Solutions
  • Best-in-Class Design
  • Unwavering Commitment to Quality Production
  • Adherence to Strict Safety Standards
  • Unmatched Customer Service Experience

The Caseling Difference

A product’s case should be the last thing standing between your brand and your customer. Customer experience is activated the minute they open the custom case which contains your product.

At Caseling, we pride ourselves on being the creative custom case solutions partner sought after by brands that won’t settle for cookie-cutter templates and subpar materials.

When you work with us, you send your products into the world, secure in the knowledge that they are protected by a Caseling case and the innovation, expertise, and quality we’re famous for.

The Caseling Story

In 2009, Caseling Custom Cases was born from a single question. “If people are willing to invest in purchasing premium personal equipment and tools, shouldn’t they have a protective and stylish case that is as good as the equipment inside?”

To our founder that seemed like a big miss, so Caseling became the first in the industry to develop best-in-class case solutions for consumer products. We’ve been in the business of helping consumers protect their valuables and equipment with cases that are convenient, streamlined, and durable ever since.

Along the way, solving the specific pain points of individual customers paved the way for today’s proprietary process mix of expert designers, innovative solutions, and unmatched service that allows for true customization.

Today, we work with the biggest brands in the world to create custom case solutions developed from the same problem-solver mindset we’ve had since day one.

The Caseling Quality Promise

Our strict quality measures, design reviews,  order and contracting processes, make up our quality promise to every customer.

When it comes to the details of your custom case, you have a lot of choices. We don’t expect you to come to us with all the answers, we’re here to help you discover the best solution for your case needs.

The Caseling quality promise means that once you put your name on something, you’ll be proud to stand behind it and we’ll be proud to stand behind you.

The Caseling Operation

Caseling custom cases are designed, tested, and celebrated in the USA, from our global distribution headquarters in Montgomery, New York.

We’re a proud American company that combines obsessive control over our global manufacturing process with overseas efficiency and cost savings, ensuring that Caseling customers receive their orders promptly and perfectly to order.

We’ve developed working relationships with multiple factories and manufacturing partners, ensuring that we know where to go and who to work with to fulfill even the largest or most complex orders.

Connect with our team today and let’s discuss your custom case needs.