Case studies

Custom Case Design For Medical Industry Corporation

H&H is a manufacturing company specialized in manufacturing first aid supplies and equipment, mostly for combat. Groups such as the U.S. Marine Corps use these supplies. H&H has been in business for over thirty years, developing innovative ideas for producing trauma solutions and life-saving devices at low cost for military, civilian, and commercial customers in various fields. The company aims to provide optimal medical care solutions tailored to each customer.

Client’s Problem

We respect what H&H is presently doing for our military, so we decided to create a case study highlighting how our troops can serve more efficiently. We assume they would need all-in-one medical cases for professionals and citizens to aid the transportation of portable devices and other medical supplies. Most medical devices come with added tools—adhesive pads, electrodes, blades, and connectors, and most medical kits contain other emergency items like surgical objects, trauma essentials, and bandages.

We determined that our military would require a case that would aid with easy accessibility to these necessary items during an emergency.

Our Solution

We have a solution. We would first have a sit down with the engineers of H&H to discuss the primary goals of their company and what they would like their cases to represent. With present trends in mind, we’ll sketch out a case that will provide maximum efficiency. After the initial consultation, we would immediately move into design and modeling.

To exhaust all possible variables, we would develop a range of ideas with the company goals in mind, before narrowing down to the most productive design. We will present our initial result to H&H for analysis and approval. Once we get the go-ahead, we will create an initial sample that would be rigid enough to stand on its own and open up like a briefcase while still being lightweight and smooth. These features are designed to be user-friendly and efficient for the line of work.

The bottom interior would be compartmentalized with padded walls and labeled linen to display which equipment belongs in each slot. The upper interior would be segmented into little pockets for smaller items, and each case would have both a detachable shoulder handle and a short handle. The company logo would be boldly printed at the front of the face.

At the end of the day, the cases we design would encourage H&H to provide more medical aid to military camps and humanitarian organizations requiring assistance.

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