Case studies

Caseling Customized EVA Cases Help Medical Device Company Save Thousands in Damaged Equipment

About the Client

A leading medical device sales company that sells highly delicate, finely tuned machinery to medical offices, hospitals, and various health service organizations was looking for a solution to better protect their equipment. They are a household name in the medical device industry and greatly value their reputation with customers, so protecting their equipment from damage was a major focus.


Before working with us, they were exclusively using soft protective cases for their product. Unfortunately, they kept receiving reports from their customers that the devices were damaged or broken due to a lack of protection and case durability. Not only were the cases not doing a good enough job insulating their devices, but there was also nothing branded about them. They were missing out on a significant amount of advertising and exposure, so they approached us to help address both their branding and product protection needs.


The Caseling team collaborated with theirs to customize an ideal Hard Shell (EVA) Case to protect their customers’ new equipment. We used a comprehensive client onboarding process to ensure that their vision was brought to life.

First, our sales team consulted to determine goals, budget, and timelines for their case redesign. After ironing out details, we connected them with our design team, which began playing around with different fabric, fit, and color options. Our EVA cases were custom designed to the size they needed and featured foam/partitioned interiors, inside and outside pockets, and a branded aesthetic.

We determined that to maximize visibility on their product cases when in the hands of their customers, we would craft a case with a bright, eye-catching color scheme that was in line with the rest of their brand’s image. We made sure to include their brand’s logo, slogan, and other details they wanted to be highlighted.

Our designers sent 3D renderings of what the design would look like, then received client approval for the manufacturing team to begin building and testing the prototype case. Once their prototype had been approved after being put through rigorous testing for quality assurance, we hit the ground running and got their new cases onto the production line for worldwide distribution.


After shipping the first wave of product secured in the refreshed EVA cases, our client reported that almost all of their customers had no further incidents of damaged or broken equipment. Almost overnight, their issues surrounding equipment durability and brand image were resolved. Everyone using one of their devices is now fully aware that they’re using a certified piece of our client’s machinery, which has improved their word-of-mouth marketing efforts as well.

It was exhausting dealing with client complaints and product returns as a result of our old soft-case technology. Our finely-tuned devices must be treated as delicate objects, so a customized hard case felt like the right move. Caseling blew our expectations out of the water! Our clients are thrilled. I wish we had contacted them sooner!Lead Designer