Case studies

Hard Stethoscope Case


Stethoscopes are vital tools for the role of medical professionals whether in the hospital, clinic, or out in the field. When you go for a doctor’s visit, the most recognizable tool amongst nurses and doctors is the stethoscope. Stethoscopes primarily are seen in pockets or around necks like many other items, but it is well known just how vital these instruments are. Because of such value, Caseling developed stethoscope carrying cases that aid professionals and medical students with the job they have on hand.


Features of our product are important to us. We only make high quality cases. Here are the features we consider.

  • Strength: These cases should be able to protect the physical properties of each item stored in them.
  • Weight: These carrying cases are for everyday use and shouldn’t add extra weight.
  • Usage Flexibility: We wanted these cases to fit with certain stethoscopes and hold small items as the user moves from one place to the other.
  • Slick Design: We wanted these cases not only to be ecstatically pleasing but also stylish and compact.

Caseling’s Hard Stethoscope cases—compatible with stethoscopes 3M Classic III, Lightweight II S.E, Cardiology IV Diagnostic with an ID Slot—can also have an extra mesh pocket for small personal accessories. These lightweight cases are created with an exceptional design that allow a stethoscope to fit perfectly. Because of the EVA material that is used, the cases are firm and rigid, yet smooth and palm friendly.

These travel cases are both shockproof and dustproof, giving you a peace of mind whenever your stethoscope is being stored. Whether you are amid your regular shift or on a spontaneous call, the slender designs allow you to quickly grab and go.


Caseling builds these carrying stethoscope cases with consideration of nurses and nursing students who are constantly on their feet. Each case is created with premium materials, with three layers of protection–water-resistant exterior, damage protection layer, and a soft lining to protect the skin from scratches.

In other words, there is no better place to keep your medical equipment safe. Cases come in several colors which inspire each nurse to enjoy their equipment more.

We have placed these EVA stethoscope cases on Amazon and watched to see how many people reacted to these cases. This is what they had to say:

Color: Pink—Pu Leather

Where has this been all of my nursing career? I love this case! It holds all of my essentials, pens, penlight, ID, scissors, etc. Of course, my stethoscope fits perfectly and is protected. I wish I would have found this years ago. Many coworkers have similar cases, but like mine better because of the pretty color, cute cover design, and is more spacious than theirs!

Color: Blue—Pu Leather

This is a great way to carry my stethoscope. I like the way it keeps my stethoscope in tact so it doesn’t move around plus the zipper is tough no worrying about it breaking. The bright color makes it easy to spot from far away. Shipped fast and in good condition. Very happy I bought it.

Color: Purple—Pu Leather

Just enough space for all you need. Very handy for a student nurse currently.

Our customers expressed total satisfaction with these equipment cases. With the versatility option, these cases have proven resourceful to both practicing nurses and students. These cases can be customized to any design of your choice from bright colors and trendy patterns to slick logos, closures, and other accessories. This is why custom cases can market the value of your business or make a perfect gift idea for yourself or loved ones.

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