Case studies

Custom Cases: An Increase in Value and Revenue

When our clients invest in custom-made cases, they are assured that our well-made cases can protect any special equipment or item. Custom-made cases add value and increase product revenue. Some of the benefits of custom cases, in comparison to general, everyday cases include:

Increased Revenue. Companies that purchase our cases use each custom case to add to their company product, which increases overall
revenue. Adding value to a product at a low-cost purchase value of the case means more profit for the business. Ultimately, a Business to Business gain is achieved, (also known as a B&B) and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

So, not only are customers getting an item, they are receiving a case to protect it. This is like buying a laptop and receiving a bundle price, including a custom-made case for protection.

Reduction in warranty claims.. With a well-equipped casing, products are less likely to become damaged. While there are benefits in having a warranty on your product, filing a claim for preventable damage is unnecessary.

A Maximized product value.. Because products are safer, items that require annual servicing will need less work, which maximizes the number of aftercare packages, as fewer repairs are necessary.

Minimization of claims and returns.. With items purchased online and shipped to a residence, they are less likely to become damaged in transit, which reduces returns and transit insurance claims. No longer are the items flimsy, brittle, and unprotected.

About Us

We develop custom molded and durable protective cases for America’s leading businesses. Performance—crafted for customer electronics, specialized gadgets, sensitive professional tools, and more, each case is designed to go into the thick of it—the operating room, rainforest, the thunderstorm, or even the battlefield!

As we are approached by medical equipment manufacturers to develop cases for a variety of specialist equipment, we are happy to assist. Whatever the need or situation, we deliver exceptional products, made to suit all occasions.

Our Approach

Following meeting with the client and observing the products they manufacture, we then ask all the essential questions: How will the products be used, what for, and how often? Where are they most likely to be stored? Will transport be required?

These are all valid questions to evaluate. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring that the cases we design are suitable for the products they will contain. It’s not just about having a case—it’s about the materials, design, and functionality, which need to be considered.

As a premium manufacturer, all of our products are designed to the highest standards, using top-quality and highly durable materials. For these clients, we create perfect fitting cases that enhance the appearance of their products while offering protection for medical use in surgeries, ambulances, and community healthcare practitioners.

The Results

Our clients have reported outstanding customer feedback. Each customer interviewed has commented on our excellent designs, enhanced protection in shipping.

Our feedback has improved our margins and helped us to attract repeat customers.

Indeed, custom cases from Caseling Custom Cases guarantees an increase in value and revenue for all products.