The Bags Medical Professionals Need to Manage Emergencies at Work

Medical personnel can never be sure what they may have to handle when they respond to a medical emergency. These professionals are required to carry various kinds of gear and equipment essential to treat the patients. Such equipment are stethoscopes, syringes, splints, blood pressure meters, oximeters, and many others. They also must carry bandages, medicines, and antiseptics.

Because medical specialists carry so many essential and delicate instruments, their bags must be made explicitly according to strict guidelines. At Caseling, we ensure that the bags excel in efficiency, durability, and protection for their instruments.

The outer linings are either made with nylon or polyester, depending on the weather conditions they get subjected to. Although in the nylon versus polyester war, nylon wins due to being stronger than polyester, but polyester has better water-resistant qualities than the nylon. This is why we use polyester for companies that sell bags to medical personnel who work in wetter climates. Polyester is also more stain-resistant than nylon, so polyester bags look less aged over time. Companies that need to maintain their brand image choose to use polyester most often.

The inside of the bags are made with neoprene or EVA foam. Companies choose the material according to the desire of their customers. EVA foam makes durable, semi-rigid structures that need to house delicate instruments. On the other hand, neoprene gets used to create flexible sleeves and pouches. Some companies prefer to use nylon for commonly used bags, especially those that get used inside medical premises. In the nylon versus neoprene war, neoprene wins due to its durability and endurance of a wide range of temperatures. Nylon costs much less and can get used in bags that are not subjected to a lot of rough treatment.

We understand that any flaws in medical bags can cost a life. That is why at Caseling, we have strict quality control measures for any incoming materials as well as the finished bags. We make the bags most commonly used by medical personnel for various companies such as duffel bags, tote bags, and backpacks.

Duffel Bags

Duffel bags are the most popular bags among medical personnel because they have large compartments, lots of space, and can be customized to fit equipment types. Duffel bags are used primarily when crews respond to a medical emergency beyond the premises of a medical institution. This is why the bag needs to fit various medical instruments and supplies that may be required to treat and stabilize the patient.

Duffel bags are used by medical personnel who work as paramedics, firefighters, emergency medical responders, and on-flight medical staff. The versatility of duffel bags is due to its size that can be compartmentalized to fit in various kinds of medical equipment and supplies. The outside of the bags have highly durable fabric that can withstand rough handling and harsh weather.

In addition to being durable and providing protection to the instruments inside, duffel bags also need to be convenient to handle and deploy. Since duffel bags mostly have long straps to carry them, the material’s quality needs to be strong to endure constant pulls and yanks.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are far smaller than duffel bags and are used by nurses inside medical premises such as in hospitals and healthcare centers. They are mostly used to carry personal medical instruments such as stethoscopes, medical books, notepads, and other personal belongings. Nurses prefer Tote bags because they offer better storage space than regular side bags.

Tote bags can have multiple compartments inside them, customized according to the sellers’ specifications. The outside can be covered with artificial leather or other fashionable material. At Caseling, we make sure that there is no compromise with the durability of the bags because we know that even though they may not need to endure outside weather, they can still be used heavily and are essential to a patient’s well-being.


Backpacks can vary in sizes and shapes, and although they might not store as much as duffel bags, they can still be quite versatile and used in various conditions. Medical backpacks are usually built to carry smaller instruments and supplies. They are very convenient to carry around and are hands free to handle patients or navigate through the environment. Their versatility makes them ideal for defense medical personnel, medical students, and emergency medical responders.

At Caseling, we ensure that the outside of our backpacks are rugged, durable, and weatherproof. The insides can be customized according to the requirements of the merchant using sustainable and high-quality material.

Finding the right bag for your customers will depend on their requirements and what kind of environments they are working in. Caseling will ensure that the bags are made according to your specifications with the highest quality materials to live up to your brand’s image and our reputation.