The Outstanding Advantages of Custom Made EVA Cases for Military and Security Industries

Choosing the right case for carrying and protecting expensive equipment is of utmost importance for military and security industries. The cases must provide adequate protection and durability on the outside for repetitive transportation. Still, they should also be the right fit and quality inside to preserve the equipment in perfect condition. Sellers need the cases to be presentable and functional to suit the military and security contractors’ look and feel desired. The material that the sellers choose must be directly related to the intentions and conditions of use by soldiers or security personnel.

Under normal circumstances, functionality and convenience of use are more important than the cases’ outer appearance for defense forces. But that doesn’t mean that we will stick you up with an ugly looking product.

At Caseling, we understand that military contractors need a product that can speak about their businesses and professional outlook. That is why we choose the best quality material to manufacture custom made products that can be modified to suit any requirement while looking fabulous on the outside and inside. Even though the choice of materials for lining the inside of military cases are endless, we prefer to use EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) because of its many qualities.

What is EVA?

EVA foam is a thermally formed raw material which is ideal for covering expensive defense and security instruments or pieces of equipment that need a higher level of protection against rough handling and harsh environments. Our EVA foam molding process creates inner trays in perfect shapes to fit any type of product. The EVA foam material creates a semi-rigid structure inside the cases while adding shock-absorbing qualities to the case. Caseling can also cover the EVA structure with other materials such as artificial leather, neoprene, or nylon. There are several advantages to using neoprene versus nylon to cover the EVA foam, as it can facilitate adding sleeves or pockets and add extra cushion.

What Makes EVA So Amazing?

The features of EVA are endless. However, these are the qualities that make it a preference for both Caseling engineers and military personnel.

Flexible and Versatile:

EVA foam shell material can be both rigid or flexible, depending on the requirement. They can also be customized into any shape so that the goods or equipment can snugly fit inside.

Friction Inducing Surface:

Due to the high friction inducing surface, objects placed on EVA do not slide easily. EVA has a higher frictional coefficient when compared with other materials such as neoprene.

Extreme Temperature Endurance:

EVA foam as an inside shell material remains flexible at extreme temperatures. Defense personnel often need to endure extreme climates, and so does their equipment. EVA lined cases are preferred for transportation to such places.

Along with temperature, EVA foam is also resistant to other aspects of unfavorable weather such as UV radiations, heavy rains, and anything else nature can throw at it. EVA foam is highly buoyant and absorbs very less amount of water, which makes it extremely waterproof.

High Heat and Chemical Resistance:

Eva foam can survive in extremely high temperatures up to 216°F. It is also resistant to diluted acids and alkalis. The only thing it cannot endure is halogenated hydrocarbons.


Military equipment can be quite dense and heavy. No matter how bulky the goods or pieces of equipment may be, EVA foam can protect without sagging or breaking apart.

Highly Shockproof:

EVA foam protects the most delicate and fragile types of defense and security equipment under repeated transportation.

At Caseling, we manufacture various types of EVA lined cases for military and defense personnel such as:

  • Customized tactical backpacks for military and security personnel with rugged exteriors, malleable interiors, adjustable pockets, and sleeves.
  • Carrying cases with durable exterior and precisely formed interiors for intelligence-related equipment.
  • Customized case with strong external frame and mesh linings for the transportation of military computerized equipment.
  • Large cases for military field desks and its components.
  • Cases to carry delicate defense radar and satellite equipment.
  • Footlockers for large pieces of military equipment.
  • Rackmount cases ideal for repetitive transit and transportation.
  • Single lid cases for various types of military applications.

At Caseling, we have dedicated teams to manufacture thermoformed EVA cases for military and security contractors. Our quality control personnel inspect both the incoming material and finished productions. Inspecting ensure that the cases match every level of perfection and guidelines for military and security purposes. Our integrated manufacturing and molding process ensures that we can produce high-quality cases at lower prices than other manufacturers.