How To Avoid A Bad Product Launch

How To Avoid A Bad Product Launch

8 Steps How to Avoid a Bad Product Launch

Creating a new product is a serious investment. You’ve dissected, analyzed, researched and mulled over the details for months. The packaging of the product ought to be treated with the same kid-gloves as the actual product that’s being enclosed. It’s sad to see how many times great products with huge potential fail due to bad packaging. Packaging could fail because it’s not appealing enough to the respective target clientele, or due to poor quality or failure to do proper research was ignored. What does it take to create great packaging?

1. You Contact Us
Congratulations on your first step in the right direction. Just by contacting us you’re about to ensue on a smooth, painless ride of creating your custom branded cases.

2. We ask you lots of questions
We want to hear about everything. The more details the better! What’s your vision? What are your brand colors? Tell us about the product you will enclose? Which audience are you targeting?

3. We Determine a Price Quote
Based on your requirements we will educate you about what the costs of the project entail. We will provide you with detailed price breakups, so we’re transparent on all aspects.

4. You Accept and We Start Thrilled to have you on board! Here’s where we move cautiously and swiftly. The best in the field collab at this point to bring the best resources possible to the table.

5. We Brainstorm With our team of creative minds and experienced engineers,
we’ll brainstorm on the design and functional aspects of the case from head to toe. This phase is critical since the launch of your product is directly dependent on this. Our goal is to develop your brand’s look with a case that will feature your brand. We’ll cater to that no matter what that takes; Pantone based color, custom zipper pulls, sourced accessories and more

6. We Tweak and Finish The Artwork
Artwork in 3D format will be presented to you for inspection and dissection. We’ll hem and haw until we’re all satisfied and confident to proceed with the sample.

7. The Sample is Made It’s getting real!
Nothing like having a legit sample in your own two hands.

8. Production
Molds, foam and fabrics are cut, sewn and thermo-fused. They’re packed and shipped off to your preferred destination.