What Makes Polyester So Popular for EVA Cases?

You may have noticed that many EVA cases are covered in a conventional-looking black fabric. If you look a little closer, you may notice it has a textured surface throughout. What is that fabric, and why does it have so many friends over anything else?


It’s polyester, and it won the popularity contest for mainly three reasons:

1. It’s available in a wide range of denier counts. The higher the number behind the “Denier,” the higher the thickness of the fabric. Likewise, the lower the figure placed behind the “D,” the lower the thickness of the fabric.

2. It provides solid protection. Renowned for its durability and strength, a polyester consisting of at least 600 deniers will absorb all the pressure of wear and tear from shutting it from place to place.

3. Cost Effective. Polyester provides consumers with and cheaper alternative to pricier fabrics without compromising on quality and aesthetics. Since availability, protectiveness, and price point is priory to many. Many Manufactures and consumers opt for 600+ polyester, making it a ubiquitous sight to the EVA experts out there.

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