Lights, Camera, Action!

Let’s talk about Cameras.

Anyone who is into filmmaking will tell you that filming is more than just creating a randomized video or side gig. It is Art. It’s a way of recreating a concept or an idea to express your style and how you see the world. Anything can be transformed through the eye of a photographer. The beauty of life is re-expressed over and over again each time a picture or video is taken.

Over the years, the art of film making has evolved to encompass many things. Now, we have photographers, videographers, cinematographers, and more. Each contributor has a conflicting description of what film making means to them, but the one thing they all agree on is the importance of their equipment.

Most photographers take extra precautions when picking a quality camera. Interchangeable lenses, low light sensitivity, and high-quality video recording are some factors that cause most photographers to resort to using several devices and attachments. But, protecting the equipment is as important as selecting the equipment. If you ask any professional photographer or videographer, you would be told that they spend a significant amount of their time figuring out how to safely transport their equipment from one place to the other, especially if they have to deal with luggage handlers at the airport.

So, with that in mind, we came up with ways to keep your equipment safe during a long trip.

1. Get insurance

The odds are that you spent a lot of money on your set up–lights, cameras, tripods, accessories. Each of these items is costly, which you might not be able to afford if they get stolen or destroyed. The first thing to do after getting new valuable gear is to take off the serial number and get it insured.

When an unfortunate situation strikes and your valuable items become damaged, having insurance can easily steer you away from additional costs and frustration. In a worst-case scenario, you can receive a new camera through your insurance, if damages are permitted.

2. Make your equipment a carry on

We especially recommend this suggestion if you want to travel light and do not need to have all of your equipment on your person. Carry on equipment will give you peace of mind and the ability to keep an eye on your gear throughout your trip at all times. No one can protect your property better than you.

Safely keeping your items with you, you can be free from theft or possible damage.

3. Use a durable Protective Case

Using a protective case is arguably the most essential point to keep in mind whether you’re traveling light or logging all of your gear along with you. Current cameras have evolved to become a bit more tolerant of harsh conditions, but you still have fragile parts and extensions that need to be kept in good condition. Many elements could devalue your gear, so you need to invest in cases that protect your equipment.

We recommend two types of cases:

Hard Cases

Hard cases are perfect for long trips and shipping purposes. They give overall protection from dust, water, and shock. Hard cases usually hold their own during unusual bumps, which keep your product safe. Although there are many hard cases out there, we recommend the EVA case for travel and transport. These cases are stylish, lightweight, and extremely durable. EVA cases are molded to fit specific devices, are light to carry, and completely sturdy. Our design ensures they do not scratch against corners during transition and movement.

You also have the option to roll your equipment around with wheels or shoulder your equipment with customized straps instead.

Soft sewn cases

We recommend soft sewn cases if you do not use a lot of equipment during your travel. These are not as rigid as hard cases but are incredibly lightweight and well-padded to reduce movement and prevent damage. They are also segmented with dividers to hold as many items you need securely. Plus, they also come with extra pockets to fit small personal items like your phone, passport, keys, cards, and more.

Whichever case you decide is best for your needs, make sure to find the most durable case in the market to protect your devices. If you are a manufacturer in the competitive camera industry, you would need an added advantage to stand out in the market. Providing cases for the cameras, your product allows you to offer customers the gift of convenience.

At Caseling, we help create the added value you need to attract a broader market. If you want the market to come to you, contact us today.