Why Most Tool Manufacturers Spend Money on Creating Custom Cases

Operating a tool manufacturing company in today’s world is tough. One has to keep up with the latest marketing trends to stay ahead of the competitors. Every step of advertising needs to have a human touch. That is why at Caseling, we create custom cases that can reinforce the human connection with a business. These are a few ways in which a company can benefit from using our custom cases.

Elevates the Customer Experience

Housing the tools in our customized cases will elevate a customer’s experience. These cases are cost-effective and highly practical. Customers will appreciate that the company has chosen to provide a case that can safely house the expensive tools. Better consumer experience will ensure that they become repeat customers. The case can add value to the product and help a brand to stay ahead of their competitors. It also improves the buying experience.

Encourages Brand Loyalty

More than 40% of consumers appreciate a sturdy case for their tools. Ensuring the safety of their equipment while in transit can be a challenge. That is why providing a hard case with foam interiors will solve their transportation problems. Providing a quality housing case will also encourage customers to stay loyal to the brand and its products. A nicely done case with a custom logo would be carried proudly on the field by contractors, getting more people to notice the brand.


Custom cases serve many purposes. One of them is that they can save a company lots of money. Most customers prefer to buy things on the internet these days. That means tool manufacturers will need a case to send the products to online customers. Our custom cases can be used for shipping as well as carrying the tool. High-quality packaging will also increase customer satisfaction. They will feel confident in ordering the products knowing that it will be safe in transit. Providing a custom case is also a cost-effective way to thank the customer for buying the product. It shows that the company pays attention to their needs.

Instant Brand Recognition

Custom cases have the brand logo printed on them. That means everyone who sees the tool case recognizes the brand immediately. Tools have limited space to promote the brand. That is why custom cases provide the perfect space to advertise the logo. Customers also recognize the company through the colors associated with a brand. The world leaders in tool manufacturing, such as Bosch or Black & Decker, use custom tool cases to promote their brand. Customers can recognize their products right away because of their consistent case designs.

More Revenue

A combination of positive customer experience and brand loyalty will generate more revenue for a company. It is also more expensive to get new customers than to retain the present ones. Custom cases also can be turned into a visual merchandising tool. Supermarkets can create attractive stands with tools displayed in their cases. This effective retail tactic improves retail sales by a considerable margin.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Custom tool cases might be more expensive than ordinary cases, but they look much better than the standard cases available off the shelf. These days, more than 75% of customers relate visual appearances with quality. An attractively designed custom case can help the tools exceed customer expectations. It will also ensure that the product stands out among the competitors. A well-designed custom case to house the tools can encourage word of mouth advertising. Custom designed cases also provide the opportunity to add a human element. With the right custom case designed at Caseling, a tool manufacturing company can make a customer fall in love with their product.

Cases with a rigid exterior are often associated with high-end products. That is why our custom tool cases can also upscale a product. It will give a customer the feeling of using high-end equipment. A consumer will judge both the product and the case that it comes in. A durable tool case will show the buyer that the brand cares about their experience with the product. It will also add a perception of sophistication to the use of the tools. Custom cases designed by Caseling will make consumers feel that they are getting an upgrade without paying for it.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth advertising is one of the best forms of marketing. Our custom cases will ensure that customers recommend the product to other users. Word of mouth marketing does not cost anything extra. It is also one of the best ways to establish a brand in the market. Most users will trust a recommendation from someone they know rather than any other form of advertisement. Almost 75% of customers rely on recommendations while deciding to buy something.

Reviews are also a modified form of word of mouth marketing in the present world. Customers like posting pictures of the products they use and review it on social media. A well-designed custom case will ensure that a brand gets the right amount of publicity required to boost the brand image. The advertisement generated by the case with the brand’s logo printed on it pays for itself.

How to Create a Great Custom Case for Toolsets?

Designing a custom case for a toolset is not an easy task. Many factors need consideration. At Caseling, we are always there to help to create a design that tells a brand’s story. Here are a few elements that should get looked into while creating a custom case for tools.

  • Choosing a Unique Selling Proposition that sets the brand apart from the competition.
  • It will help a company to understand what their customers expect from a tool case. Combining them with the USP will help a brand develop a better customer experience.
  • The case is an opportunity to show off the brand. A business should use the space to highlight the logo, taglines, and any other message. Custom designs and graphics should be used instead of words to create a better visual impact.
  • The use of custom design for the case can portray the brand’s story. The company can put social media information inside the cases to encourage a customer to visit the brand’s page or write a review.
  • Paying attention to ensure the safety of the tool is essential. That is the prime purpose of the case, so the outside and the inside should be designed accordingly.